Lions and tigers and werwolves! Oh, my! (Journal Entry #59)

There are werewolves everywhere. 

Even in the hotel. Most of the Dardaptoans that I pass are talking about of them. They are part of the Taniss pack. Theo’s brother-in-law Rand Taniss leads them. But they aren’t a hereditary pack. I learned all about Lupoiux last week helping Alaun with her next book. They are a more animalistic, instinctive Kind than Dardaptoans. 

Very scary, too.

I ran into a Lupoiux male on my way to the library yesterday.

I mean I literally ran into him. His arms wrapped around me and he almost sniffed my hair. When he looked down at me there was a decidedly wolfy grin on his face. A hungry predator had me in his arms. “Hello, little bloodsucker.”

My guard—who I had finally noticed following me, I can’t believe I’ve been so blind!—stepped closer. “Hands off, wolf.”

The wolf stepped back and bowed slightly. Arrogantly. I bit back a shiver. 

He was hungry; I felt like the wolf’s next meal. “Pardon me, miss. It won’t happen again.”

Pardon me, dear wolf. I’m getting away from you! 

I was still shivering when I got away from him. 

I didn’t hear what words the guard said, but I did hear slight growling when I rounded another corner. 

What were they thinking, letting a bunch of Lupoiux males run around the hotel as if they weren’t the Dardaptoan females’ greatest enemy? 

Maybe they were a part of the Taniss pack, but that didn’t mean they were safe for Dardaptoan females to be around.

Of course, it is probably just my wimpy Jume-ness sliding out again. It was a harmless accident.

Nothing said that wolf was out to get me or anything like that, right? 

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