Blog Table of Contents

Here’s where you’ll find the most up-to-date post links in order:

  1. Hello, I am Jume
  2. Jume, Go Fetch!
  3. Dream, Dream, Dream.
  4. We Are Woalds.
  5. Olietus Black.
  6. He Won’t Leave Me Alone!
  7. Does Anyone See Me?
  8. I’m Fated to Die Alone.
  9. Oh My Goddess!
  10. I’m Still Reeling.
  11. Talking to the Vampire Police.
  12. Mak is in my Living Room!
  13. Mak: Just Too Intense.
  14. It’s Good to be Curious.
  15. The Best Night of my Life. So Far.
  16. Kiss the Stars.
  17. Vampire Lovers.
  18. Today was Wrong. So, so Wrong.
  19. Taniss Four (referencing the first four books)
  20. Invisible Jume, Please.
  21. Why are Male Vampires so Complicated?
  22. Mickey Sebastos.
  23. I Don’t Feel Safe Anymore.
  24. Should I Hide? It’s Been 2 Weeks…
  25. They Say It Will Be Ok.
  26. I’m Safe. I Think.
  27. Changing the World
  28. Time To Claim Normal
  29. The Demons 
  30. Demons Got Me
  31. I am Thadd’s Science Project
  32. Alive! I am Not Demon Food After All!
  33. Am I Still Demon Bait?
  34. In Search of Answers…
  35. Science Experiment: Success.
  36. I Don’t Like Cormac Jareth One Bit.
  37. Mak is Visiting Me, At Least…
  38. I’m Getting Out of Here!
  39. Routine, Routine, Routine…
  40. The Sebastos Heir…
  41. So How Do I Translate Demon Again?
  42. I am Jume, and I am a Prisoner.
  43. I Need a Purpose!
  44. Time Just Keeps Ticking Away…
  45. Coty & the Boltier Sisters…Captives of the Jareth.
  46. Human Captives…Just as Forgotten as I am…
  47. Apparently, Theo thinks I’m His Responsibility…
  48. Grayce is Kierce’s Mate!
  49. I Am the Teacher Now!
  50. Sometimes, I just Feel Things
  51. Let’s Just Send a Human to the Demon World?!
  52. Demon Princes are Everywhere.
  53. Demons, Demons, and more Demons.
  54. What is With all the Demons?
  55. The Epic of the Three Hells.
  56. More Sisters than I can Count.
  57. Speakin’ Demon.
  58. Tennig’s Story (referencing The Healer’s Find )
  59. Lions and Tigers and Werewolves, Oh My!
  60. Alaun’s Biggest Fan.
  61. I’m Feeling A Bit Lonely Tonight
  62. Sometimes, Things Just Don’t Feel Normal.
  63. The More I Learn…
  64. Life is Nothing Like Fiction
  65. Statues and Demons?
  66. I am Forgotten.
  67. Vacation at Hotel Dread.
  68. Questions, Questions, Questions.
  69. Kisses…and more Questions?
  70. I Kissed a Werewolf…and I Liked It.
  71. Why Does It Keep Getting So Complicated?
  72. It Got Real Complicated Next.
  73. I Don’t Have Their Answers!
  74. It Is Over Now…I Think…
  75. I Do Not Understand Jareths!
  76. It Isn’t Vengeance I Feel.
  77. When Do We Commoners Get the Same Rights?
  78. What Else Has Happened?
  79. I Have Changed.

Note From Jume.

  1. Out of the Dark Again…
  2. The Emotional Mess that Is a Jume…
  3. Forgiveness? No. Understanding, Maybe?
  4. Miss Invisible, Me.
  5. Why Won’t Demons Leave Us Alone?
  6. Demon Dardaptoan Mates? Nope Not Likely.
  7. Their Eyes are Upon Me.
  8. Jareth, Jareth, Jareth!
  9. KaPow! Take That!
  10. Why Me?
  11. Brush Off.
  12. My Sister the Hunted.
  13. The Resolution.
  14. The Goddess.
  15. Friendship Matters.
  16. What We Overhear…
  17. Secrets.
  18. Someone’s Dishonest. Big Surprise.
  19. Meeting Nalik Black.
  20. The Plan.
  21. Finding Trouble.
  22. We Have a Place to Start
  23. Why Do We Hide This Way?
  24. What Exactly Is a Laquazzeana?
  25. The Woald.
  26. What Next?
  27. The Darkness in Us Hurts…
  28. Nightmares at Night.
  29. Equan Black Again. Something isn’t Right…
  30. What is Going On?
  31. I am Not Going Anywhere!
  32. Blood on my Hands.
  33. Convenient Targets.
  34. Why are We All This Way?
  35. There is Power.
  36. Monsters Should Never Come.
  37. Answers? Not Going to Happen.
  38. The Truth.
  39. Fear.
  40. War Now.
  41. Jume Woald. The Dork.
  42. Forever called The Woald.
  43. Villains & Fairy Tales.
  44. Nothing I Will Not Do.
  45. New Beginnings.