Tennig’s Story… (Journal Entry #58)

I tracked down Tennig, the young healer who now lived in the hotel with her male. He is a higher-ranked Lycurgus warrior and scholar. And healer. 

I know they used demon blood on her as well. I want to know if it had caused some changes for her, too.

She was busy snuggling up to her male. She is so young to have found him. It seems like Rajnis are being found at younger and younger ages—for the females. Older and older for the males. That was something Kellis and I had discussed a few weeks ago. 

No one knows why this is happening.

I certainly don’t, but…I feel it may be important. 

The nightmares have gotten stronger over the past few weeks. I see more and more of him each time. Never enough to see his face.

Probably because he isn’t real. I know he isn’t. 

Logically, I think he is my subconscious manifestation of the male I do not have. My soul may be making a mate for me, just in my dreams.

That doesn’t explain why I wake up terrified each time, though.

I sat in my bed last night, just shivering. 

I could hear something outside the lone window of my suite. Tapping on the window, a voice saying to let them in.

I didn’t, of course. 

There are beings in this world that needed invitations to enter. Once you brought them into your home, they could kill you.

They can’t escape. They are another type of bloodsucking Kind. Bleschauma vampires, I think. Evil, evil creatures. 

Alaun found mentions of them in her research a few years ago. I’d asked Theo if they were real the next day.

He had been hesitant, but then he had told me all about them. And to never, ever let them in. 

He made me promise if something ever tapped on my window to never, ever open it.

Well, I’m not stupid.

I wasn’t about to let it in.

NOTE FROM CJ: Jume is referencing the events that take place in The Healer’s Find, the story of healers Tennig Thurgis and her male Jouk Lycurgus. Get a free copy here: The Healer’s Find

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