New Beginnings? (Journal Entry #124)

I don’t know how to proceed. Everything is as dark and confusing as it was once before. The things that have happened to me, they have made me who I am. No one can deny that. 

But I don’t know exactly who Jumena Woald actually is. Not any longer.

Before, I was daughter, sister, friend. Now…I am all of those things, but I am empath, as well. And it hurts. I suspect it always will.

I am also on a quest.

That tightening in my gut, in my very soul, is telling me what I am doing now…can change destinies.

And not just my own.

I suppose I should give a recap of all that has happened to me…or at least the most important ones:

I am hunted by demon mercenaries who have been paid to kill me. No one can tell me why—not even my cousin, the greatest vampire prognosticator of all times. 

I was forced to leave the home I shared with my six sisters—Ambrea, Kellis, Alaun, Riverr, Julea, and little Alleah—to keep demons from attacking them, as well.

I live in the greatest vampire hotel (snort) in existence—the Dardanos Colorado Resort—where my cousin and his goons can supposedly protect me. (I have my doubts here!)

I have made a few friends here, but the closest is Coty Boltier. She’s also a ‘prisoner’ here with her own six sisters.

I am fated to die without meeting my mate. I am reconciling to that.

I was abducted by four vampire warriors who thought I had something to do with the abduction of their sister. Their battering at my emotions unlocked the protections I had around my soul—and my empathic gift was released. I am still getting used to it. 

And the fact that it will always hurt to feel what others feel.

I am on a quest now. To find answers about why demons want to kill me—so that I can protect my sisters more than anything. And Coty. She too is fated for something…extraordinary. 

Neither of us believe our fates will be extraordinary in a good way, though.

We have been working on finding answers to who wants to destroy the goddess’s world of Evalandea. We overheard a plot, but didn’t see who was plotting. It is a dangerous task we’ve set for ourselves, and we know it. But we don’t have any choice. Not if we want to protect our sisters who matter so much.

I have my mother’s journals. She was gifted in sight. I know she saw what was to come. Her journals are written in an ancient language. Far too few of our Kind know how to read it. And I don’t want my mother’s journals read by just anyone.

That is where Coty comes in: she has a sister who is gifted in languages. Within hours of exposure to a language, little Blaire can speak it and read it.

She was translating for me. Until…

They took Blaire away from us two days after we asked her to read my mother’s journals and tell us what they said. She was able to get through about two-thirds of them before she had to return to the world of the demons.

She hates it there. I can feel that. Mostly because she fears it, and wants to be with her sisters. 

That is something I most certainly can understand. To be separated from my own sisters with only a few miles separating us hurts me so badly—to be separated by worlds and time and things I just cannot fathom…it is no wonder Blaire has lost some weight. And seems so broken.

What has happened to those girls…it still stings. 

The journal entries my mother had written…they sting, too. 

She speaks of fear, mostly fear for her daughters. She loved us and our father so much. The final journal is the year before Alleah was born. 

My mother was a great seer. She knew but had never shared with my  my sisters and me that she and my father would not survive Alleah’s birth.

But she had wanted my sister to live so badly. 

The seventh daughter of the seventh daughter. The humans had such a myth. Saying that seventh daughter would be so ultimately powerful.

But it wasn’t quite true, according to what my mother knew. What she wrote.

It had to be the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter times seven. 

For the Woald…that had only happened once. And it is now.

With Alleah. 

I fear what that means for the babe. So much my soul is frozen to imagine it. 

This is a secret that I have only shared with Coty and Blaire, as they were with me when I realized the enormity of what we had found. 

What it could mean for my sister. If she becomes as powerful as my mother predicted, the less scrupulous would try to take her, even as a mere babe.

I do plan to inform Kellis as soon as I can. 

Alleah must be protected. And Kellis is the one most able to do it…

I’m going to be a bit slower on Jume and her adventures for a few months, while I continue to catch up on other projects–such as Matt/Becca’s new book!–from falling behind due to Covid. I’m hoping to do at least 2-4 posts a month until January. Thanks for sticking with me! And watch for more PNR from me coming soon!