ME. Jume.

Me, Jume Woald. Painted by my sister Julea when she was sixteen.

I’m just Jume.

I am Jume. 

Jumena Kyran Woald, to be exact. I’m sixty-eight years old, not too great with a computer (though I am better than many of my Kind!), and I am a Dardaptoan Vampire. 

I’m writing this blog because…I have to talk to someone. Things happened in my life recently that changed everything. I went from being the mousy little secretary to the (supposedly) greatest justice of the Dardaptoan Kind to being trapped on the sixth floor of the resort that disguised the government offices for the Colorado tribe of Dardaptoan vampires.

What are Dardaptoan vampires? Well…

There are more than one kind of vampires. We’re the Kind that was created by the girl goddess over six thousand (some records say five!) years ago, after she fled her home world and came to ours. (We’re in the Gaian world, by the way.) 

Basically, we live endless lives—unless we die in childbirth, from blood infections, hypothermia…or we lose our mates and our hearts just stop beating. Our Kind is dying out. My tribe, the Dardanos tribe, is trying to figure out why.

Until recently, I was content in my job—the same one I’ve had for almost fifty years—and helping my sisters take care of our youngest sister. She’s only eight. There are seven of us. I’m the middle child. The quiet one. The one who stutters. I’m the one stuck here.

I’m the one demon assassins want to kill. 

No one really knows why.

This blog started off as a blog for my Digital Media for Dardaptoans project at Dardanos University. I’d signed up for a few classes just to complete my degree (finally). But now…the blog is my lifeline to the world. See…in order to keep me safe, I’m here. On the sixth floor of the Dardanos Resort. In room 13.

This blog…this blog is my story…

Jume’s Journal is an ongoing fictional blog for a character created by Calle J. Brookes, writing paranormal romance as C.J. Brookes. Jume is from the Dardanos series of paranormal romance novels and novellas relaunching in 2020 and 2021.