Fear. (Journal Entry #118)

Cass and Coty came to me the next morning. There were memories in their eyes. And questions. Questions I couldn’t quite answer.

All of us knew something significant had happened. But what it was? I did not know.

And if I didn’t, how could two mere girls?

Life returned to the normal it was becoming. At least, for us at the hotel. The prison.

It was hard not to feel trapped here.

They have doubled the number of guards on us. And…it limited Coty and my freedom to do what it is that I now know compels us. 

If we can change something, maybe we can change everything. 

At least for the ones we love. 

But a part of me feels…nothing we do will change anything. 

That we can’t.

Something greater than the two of us is at play here. What that is, I do not know. 

And it terrifies me. There is…more terror now in my heart than there has been before.

My terror is reflected in Coty’s eyes now. She feels it too.

And yet…we do not know what it is. 

I do not know what to do now. 

But I have to do something…

Before it is too late.

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