Nothing I will not do… (Journal Entry #123)

Blaire. The girl concerns me. She is struggling. I can feel very little from Coty and her sisters, but sometimes…sometimes I just know. 

Life in the demon world is not going as anyone had wished. Even though Blaire has not come out and said such. I do not need to feel things to know the young female feels such fear.

I impulsively wrapped her up in a hug, after she had been in my suite for only a few moments. “You are safe here, w-w-with me.”

I was ignoring the fact that there were two tall, strong, warrior demons stationed just outside my door.

Rall had returned. The demon guard who hovered over Blaire now. 

I could easily sense how he felt about the small female—who did not return his affections. 

I am not precognitive; but just looking at Blaire I got the sense that there was something more that the fates had in store for her.

Just as I now know they have more for my own sisters in store than I want to contemplate.

I am afraid to put any stock into these legends, these child’s fairy tales passed down amongst the Woald. But if there is something there…

It could be in my mother’s journals.

Alaun has given me all the log-in information to the research she has collected through the years. Of course, she has—I am her most trusted assistant now.

A twinge of guilt for how I was utilizing Alaun’s hard work, her trust, for my own purposes hit me.

I had to remind myself that protecting the very goddess of our people only serves to protect us all, right?

I have printed out the journals, two pages per standard sheet. There are hundreds of pages now. I had had to ask my guard if he would grab me a binder at the nearby store. And highlighters.

Now…all we had to do was keep reading.

Wait for Blaire to tell us what the pages my mother had written in a tongue so different from Dardaptoan that had no clue of what it was.

I pulled in a deep breath, and studied my dark-haired accomplices. Blaire and Coty resembled each other strongly. The bonds of family was easy to see between them.

There was nothing they would not do for each other.

Just as there was nothing I would not do for Ambrea, Kellis, Alaun, Riv, Jume, or my sweet little Alleah. 

We are family.

And families protect one another.

It is time to get started.

One thought on “Nothing I will not do… (Journal Entry #123)

  1. I just caught up with Jume’s journal and saw that it has been almost 2 months since you last posted to it. I hope you a d your family are feeling better.


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