Let’s just send a human…to the demon world?! (Journal Entry #51)

Coty had been right. Kindara did have something planned for Blaire. I’m not entirely certain of the details, but apparently Blaire has the unique gift of being able to pick up a foreign language within hours of hearing it. Someone said she’d spoken Dardaptoan after less than ten minutes in the room with Cormac Jareth. 

Apparently, Kindara is having a bit of difficulty in the demon realm with the communication aspect. Seems the great healer isn’t so great at everything she tries. 

She wants Blaire to work with her as her personal assistant in the demon world. The actual, honest-to-goodness demon world. 

Well, Coty and Aida and the rest of her sisters are completely against that idea. 

Considering that demons want to kill all of them, too. They think that the demon world will be too dangerous for them.

But Blaire…

Blaire says she wants to do it. She wants to make amends, I think, for whatever evil her father committed. 

At least that’s how I interpreted what she was feeling when I told her goodbye yesterday. 

She told me herself she wants to fill useful again. Like she matters.

Instead of like she’s been forgotten on the top floor of the hotel. Kindara has promised that Blaire will be well guarded. Ironically enough by two demon males. The demon king’s brothers. 

Blaire has asked to meet them first. She told me that she didn’t want to be guarded by males who scared her. That she needed to feel safe with them. 

Blaire wants to feel safe most of all. 

She’s one of the most hurting of Coty’s sisters, I think. From what I’ve figured out from context given by the different sisters, the three elder sisters would be the ones to deliberately draw their father’s ire. 

So that he’d leave the four younger girls alone. 

I understand that. I will do anything to protect my own sisters. Why should human females be any different?

Blaire has asked me to be there when she meets these demon protectors. 

I’m a bit…um…terrified.

I’ll admit it: in my limited experience, demons haven’t exactly been all that safe for me to be around. How do we know this isn’t some sort of trap?

Maybe Kindara traded Blaire to the demons as payment for her father’s sins? I mean, I don’t think that is something that would happen, but I think there was a story element that was similar to that in one of Alaun’s books.

Fiction, probably. But I’m not entirely certain where my sister got the idea. Maybe…it could happen?

Of course, I’m being ridiculous. Probably too much time stuck in the hotel with nothing but video-recorded classes and books to occupy my time. 

I’m getting loopy. 

Tomorrow…tomorrow we are meeting the demons who are supposed to protect Blaire. 

I’m trying not to freak out. What does one wear when meeting demons? Especially since demons have put a fifty-thousand-dollar price on your head? 

NOTE FROM CJ: Jume is referencing events that take place in Captured by the Hunter and Bound to the Demon. Both are now Available HERE!

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