Demon Princes are everywhere! (Journal Entry #52)

Blaire was just as nervous as I was. Coty had insisted on going with us. No surprise there. But Kellis was also there. She’d shown up this morning to visit with me—and with Grayce, who she had seriously seemed to have adopted—and heard what was happening. 

The four of us were a united front, although except for my sister, none of us were exactly good at protecting ourselves. 

As the first of the demon brothers came in I started shaking. They were huge. Just as big, if not bigger than the more average-size Dardaptoans.

We all know that not every Dardaptoan male is a warrior. Some Dardaptoan males are just bigger and stronger. 

Well, apparently some demons are just as big, just as strong, just as muscled. Kindara was there, her demon king next to her. He is the sexiest male I had ever seen. His brothers were equally as gorgeous. But they were extremely terrifying. 

Kellis stepped forward, putting herself between the rest of us and the demons. 

I certainly hadn’t forgotten why we had been exiled to the sixth floor of the hells. But…these demons didn’t look like the ones who had attacked me. There was one who had a slight orange cast to his skin, with dark-black hair and yellow eyes. He was strong and fit, and terrifying. 

He studied me just as much as I studied him. 

There were others who watched us. 

Kindara stepped forward. She held out her hands to Blaire. “Don’t be frightened. Any of you. Rathan’s brothers have made vows to protect the Dardaptoans.”

“Well, I’m not Dardaptoan,” Blaire said wryly. “Where does that leave me?”

Coty stepped closer to put her hand on her sister’s shoulder. “Where does that leave us? I’m not letting you do this alone.”

There was approval in the yellow eyes staring at her. The demon bowed to us. “I am Rall. Fifteenth brother of the king. It will be my honor to protect one who serves my new next-sister in her quest.”

I stepped closer. Close enough to whisper to Blaire that I sensed the demon meant it. She looked at me out of fear-filled green eyes. I just nodded. “I-it will be ok.”

The demon jerked as soon as I spoke. And then he was looking at me, surprise on his beautiful face. 

I just stared at him, unsure what I had done wrong.

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