More Sisters than I can count? (Journal Entry #56)

Blaire was gone. She had been taken to the demon world by Kindara, and the other handful of healers Kindara wanted to help her in whatever tasks she was doing in the demon world a week ago. 

Coty and the rest of the Boltier sisters were terrified. It was all that Kellis and I could do to console them. I admit it: I wept for them many times. I could only imagine how I would feel if my sisters and I suddenly found ourselves in the demon world. 

Demons were…utterly terrifying. 

There was another attack. 

I don’t know the details yet.  

The entire hotel was in an uproar. 

I’m not sure what happened, but up here in the land of the forgotten, that’s not all that surprising. 

I’m delving deeper into demon legends. Studying them for Alaun. She wants to do some more realistic novels this year, now that some rumors about demons are starting to trickle through.

Did you know that a gamata bond is ties like a Rajni bond for us, but the demons get to choose who to be involved with? 

I think being allowed to choose one’s own mate would be a very dangerous thing. I know humans do it—but look at how many of them divorce each year. 

I don’t know of any Dardaptoan pair that has divorced. 

I’m making notes now on the Demon King’s official family tree and his advisers. So far it’s Rathanolus (his name is spelled differently in every book I have), Renakletos, Joru, Serimok, Quorok, Lachial, Rallostolos, Akronos, and more than three hundred others. 

Three hundred and eighty-three brothers, and eighty-six or eighty-seven (the book said there was a question of the youngest’s paternity) sisters. Most of them were half siblings, with many different mothers among them.

The Demon King’s father must have been a real dog. 

I can’t imagine it. 

I love each of my sisters so much—how could a demon with that many siblings even know all of their names? 

The demon world kept sounding stranger and stranger.

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