What is with all the demons? (Journal Entry #54)

”What kind of demons were they?” I asked Kellis long after I had left Blaire and Coty in their own suite. Kellis had declared that she was going to stay with me tonight since the demons were staying to help Kindara with something. Kellis didn’t want me alone in the hotel—with demons. I didn’t argue. I wasn’t exactly ready to be alone in a hotel with demonic guests, either. “The one…he just kept staring.”

“They are at least part Incubi. I don’t know that much about demons. Definitely not as much as Alaun or you do, for that matter.”

“I have a book in my room. About the different types of demons. M-maybe we can find him.” 

Rall, the taller brother had given Blaire the right amount of attention—but he had kept looking at me and Kellis. Intently. Enough that I had wanted to run and hide before he made a snack out of me.

“He looked fascinated,” Kellis said bluntly. “And he looked fascinating. Let’s admit it: he was a sex demon. That carries with it very real stereotypes. Probably for very good reason. If he wasn’t a demon capable of eating us, I wouldn’t have minded taking him around the hotel. Or spending all my savings on a little private room just for the two of us. Just to see what would happen.”

“You have always been a bit weird.” I may be joking with my sister, but I hadn’t missed the male’s expression. And I hadn’t mistaken the way his brother had almost reached out and touched Kellis’s long, curly blond hair when he had thought no one was looking. She wore it in a ponytail most days, but it was obvious that it was very curly. Just as curly as mine.

But my sister was right. They had been gorgeous males—no matter what Kind they actually were. “We know the one is a Beskre.” 

“So let’s get out that book of yours. Find out just what kind of demon that is.”

It took us a few minutes to find him, but there he was. Described in full detail, with several example illustrations. Even the tattoos matched those on the male warrior. “Kellis, I think this illustration is actually him. I wonder how old he is?”

“I heard Kindara say her demon king is well over eleven thousand. This one could be just as old. Look, here is a painting of ‘Rallostolos Malickus’. But no age is listed. It does say he’s half Beskre, and he’s the king.” 

(I’m not the artist in the family, but I sketched out a rough pic of this demon for you!)

I looked at where my sister pointed. Then I read aloud: 

A Beskre warrior is fierce. Descended from one of the six most ancient of demon Kinds, the Beskre are fierce warriors, great scholars, and extremely protective of females. More so than any of the other demon Kinds. They make excellent guards and protectors, both for their fierceness and for their gentleness with females and spawn. The Beskre brother who created the Beskre Kind still is rumored to rule the Three Hells even to this day. Beskre is very loyal to his brothers, and understands the bonds of family greatly. Cross-reference: See the Legend of the Three Queens and…Gaian Dardaptoans.

At the last, I looked at my sister. “Huh?”

“Well, let’s look and see what demons have to say about Dardaptoans. I bet they like to eat us. Nom, nom, nom.” 

Kellis has always been a bit weird.

I was already flipping through the book.

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