Demons, demons, and more demons. (Journal Entry #53)

He kept looking between me and my sister. He looked almost confused—or like he recognized us. Finally, his expression cleared. Then, he dropped into an odd bow—first to me, and then to Kellis. 

I shared a look with my sister. 

This is a demon, and a very powerful, royal one—why would he be giving us the most profound gesture of respect?

Kellis shifted in front of me, just as I shifted in front of my human friends. Protective, of course.

Kindara was watching him, an odd look on her own face. But she said nothing.

It was the demon king who spoke. “My brothers have volunteered to guard. We just need to pick the ones who make you the most comfortable, Blaire.”

“It’s entirely up to me?” Blaire asked, almost whispering. I could feel her terror. Coty’s, too.

I wrapped my hand around Blaire’s. So young to be so frightened. If it was Julea…

My younger sister was quiet and shy and timid. She wouldn’t be able to face demons like this very well, either. I stepped closer to my new friend, just to let her know that I was there for her. No matter what.

I listened as Blaire interviewed the demons. When she was finished, there were two demon males left who I suspected would be perfect to guard a human in the demon world. Rall, and a fierce-looking demon who had told them he was a Beskre warrior. 

He’d said it so proudly.

Not that I knew what that meant.

His name was Akronos.

Rall and Akronos would be assigned to guard Blaire during her waking hours. When she slept, the demon forces controlled by Renekletos, the first brother of the demon king, would guard her. 

She wouldn’t be completely risk-free, but it was as safe as anywhere else, I think.

Of course…my cousin Bronwen had been carried off by a demon king from another region—right out of the Demon High King’s castle. 

Not exactly reassuring.

Coty wanted to go with her sister. After the demons and Kindara left, Coty and Blaire argued. Coty wanted to protect her sister—but Blaire wanted her sister protected. 

Blaire got her own way by pointing out that the rest of their sisters would need Coty more.

I totally understood that. I wouldn’t want my sisters accompanying me to the demon lands. The mere idea is enough to terrify any sane female with sisters, after all.

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