The Sebastos Heir… (Journal Entry # 40. )

Ambrea brought Alleah to visit three days ago. The little one loved exploring the resort. We had cookies in the cafe, and ice cream. It was almost like it was before, our family taking pleasure in the small things we can afford to do. But I knew; it was far different.

I’m not certain I will ever make it home again. 

I don’t know where the feeling is coming from—but it is there. Real.

Just like the nightmares. 

They’ve only gotten worse.

I thought about telling Kellis about them, but what if they are premonitions or something? 

I don’t want to worry my sister. Not at all. 

She has enough on her plate.

When she’s not with me in the Sebastos wing, she’s off doing something with Kierce’s female and that girl’s family. I’m not exactly certain what she’s doing, but I think she’s acting as a guard for them—and helping them get oriented to life here in Dardanos.

They’re still human.

And they know about us. I’m not certain how that is going to work out, but it can’t be good. Humans… knowing about us…that’s dangerous.

Very, very dangerous. For them and for us. 

I don’t like the idea of my sister being in the middle of all of that. 

But how can she not be? I know why they are getting to her—there are seven of them. Seven sisters who have no one but each other. 

Doesn’t that sound familiar?

I put my books away—I’ve been studying about Lupoiux political structure, as Alaun’s next novel features a Lupoiux/Dardaptoan female being captured by a rogue demon somewhere near Finley Creek, Texas—and stood. I still have hours before I turn in for the night. 

I’m going to find them. 

Let them know that they have friends here. 

I’ll never forget how alone I felt, even with my sisters, eight years ago when we lost our parents. These females lost their whole world just as suddenly.

Rumor has it their own father wants to kill them. 

I can’t imagine such horror. Family…family is everything. How can anyone want to kill their own babes? 

Something horribly evil must be at work deep within him. 

Perhaps he is a demon or something?

I left my suite, feeling ill at ease, as always, when I walked down the wine-and-gold-accented, antique-laden hallway.

This is not my kind of place, by any means.

I am used to being Theo’s servant, not his favored guest.

I really don’t like this at all.

I had just left the hallway when I bumped into Theo’s female. She had another young female with her, one who resembled her greatly, but with a long riot of blond ringlets. 

They stopped when they saw me. Mickey smiled. “Hello, Jume. How are you today?”

“I-I’m good.” I’ve spoken with Mickey before. She is a very determined young female who is on a quest to help Theo with his duties as justice. And she’s also engrossed in helping her family build the Taniss Industries lab that everyone has been talking about lately.

I have a feeling she may be just as much a workaholic as Theo.

Most importantly, everyone is talking about the news she just released. 

Mickey is carrying the Sebastos heir.

But there are demons out there who don’t want that babe to be born. 

Mickey is in constant danger; there are guards that follow her everywhere she goes now.

I am so glad I am not royalty. 

Hiding out from demons for whatever sin I’ve committed is bad enough. 

NOTE FROM CJ: Jume is referencing events from book 1: Fated to her Vampire

Link to Mickey and Theo's book.

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