Routine, routine, routine… (Journal Entry #39)

It was about a week before Cormac came to my small suite in the Sebastos family wing. I am definitely not used to living in the resort, even with Kellis around. She’s upset about something. Worried. And I don’t think it’s just about me. I think it has something to do with the female that everyone says is Kierce’s new female. She’s barely of age, and terrified. 

She’s human. 

One of the Taniss cousins, I think. I’ve seen her. She’s beautiful. Very, very young. Even younger than Julea. Kellis has taken it on herself to protect her, too. I heard her arguing with Kierce yesterday; telling him he was being a total jerk where the girl was concerned. That he had to consider Grayce’s feelings as well. That her entire world had been upended, and he couldn’t just make unilateral decisions for her without even consulting her.

I will admit, I find it odd—I mean, I know Kellis loved Kierce. She told me so when I was in the Healers’ Hall. 

We’d talked a great deal about not having Rajnis and what it meant for us.

It helped, knowing that I wasn’t alone. We made a pact, too.

No matter what, Kellis and I—we’d always have each other. Even if our sisters found their males and moved far away to be with them, Kellis and I would stick together.

Two old-maid spinsters. Kellis promised to go out and find us a handful of cats when the time came. 

We settled into a routine. I can still be Alaun’s research assistant from the hotel. Actually can do it better from the hotel. Theo let me have access to the Sebastos libraries. I’ve only been in there a handful of times before, for my job. Now, I spend most of my day reading anything and everything I can find.

I haven’t touched anything on demons, though. 

Kellis says I may have a good deal of PTSD from the demon attack. I might need to visit one of the mind-soothers—a psychiatrist the humans call them—to help me deal with what happened. 

I’m not sure I’m ready to do that yet. Besides, how would we afford to pay for it? They are so rare among our Kind, that I’d probably have to leave the hotel to find one, anyway. 

I’m not quite ready to do that. Not yet.

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