There is power… (Journal Entry #114)

Something knocked me to the ground. I just screamed, and fought. A green glow surrounded me, and my new friends. 

I did not know where it came from.

But it was working. The Lupoiux were backing away. From me.

From Coty, who had somehow gotten in front of me. Her hands were up in front of her. 

And I knew…it was me and her together that were doing this. We were keeping these beasts at bay.

And they were there for little Cass. Why? Why could such horid beasts go after such a sweet, young girl as Cass?

She was on the ground behind us. I reached down, with strength I didn’t know I possessed, and pulled her closer. Between me and Coty. They had the same eyes, these two young females. Family. Even though they barely knew one another.

It was their family that made them targets now. I could feel the rage of those beasts battling at us.

I wrapped my arm around Cass and tried to protect her head. 

I didn’t know how long this shield that Coty and I had somehow created would last. 

I could hear the battle raging around us, though my sight had somehow clouded in a way I could not explain.

I reached out, almost blindly. Linked fingers with Coty.

The three of us were touching, connected. Power surged around us so strongly, I was knocked to the ground. 

Trees around us caught fire, for just the quickest second.

Warriors were coming, running. To protect us?

Well, a little too late, in my opinion.

Hands were reaching for me. Pulling me to a seated position.

I wasn’t going to stay there, I could have told them that. I was too weak. 

Warriors lifted us. I could barely open my eyes.

When I did, I wish I hadn’t.

Cormac Jarath. Again.

That male…why was it always him?

“I’m not sure. I think a better question is…why is it always you, Little Jume, that the world just keeps coming for now? And just…what in the hell did the two of you do this time?”

How was I to know?

I didn’t have a clue.

But…his arms were strong and my head was swimming, and we were safe again.

I let my eyes close, and the darkness took me once again.

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