Why are we all this way? (Journal Entry #113)

I haven’t forgotten Kellis’s warning, but Coty and I had a purpose now. One that I just felt was right for me now. Evalaneadea and the girl goddess. 

They were tied together so tightly, and what I could find now, could…be the answers I sought.

To questions I’m not even certain are fully enough formed yet to even matter. To anyone other than myself, that is.

I have to do this. It…drives me now.

Coty had a worried look in her eyes when I told her that a few days later. 

She had been spending time with her young cousin Cassandra in the main gardens of the hotel. They have discovered a love of plants in common. 

It is a love that I share. The three of us have spent many hours clearing the weeds around the grotto. My cousin, the head of the grounds crew, has been a bit slack on his duties lately. 

He stood glaring at me—and my new friends. I shot him a pointed look. He would not intimidate me, like he was no doubt wanting.

I am tired of males thinking they can control what I do.

I am Jumena Woald. I have no male relative with a right to control my business. I answer to myself, my Equan, and my Dahr. And somewhat to my sister, Ambrea.That is it.

I was discussing that with Coty—and young Cass, though she was busy digging in the fresh earth and humming, next to my left side. They agreed with me. Coty was full of questions about the different expectations of my culture compared to hers, where females were concerned. And why it was allowed.

I wasn’t sure how to answer that. 

I think our people, our females especially, have lived in fear of the other Kinds so long that when the big strong warriors told us that they would protect us, we just…rather sort of went along with it.

When perhaps we should not have.

Even sweet young Cass snorted at that. 

I sensed a great soul within the young girl, but just what it is about her that is so different, I have yet to put my finger on.

We were planting a row of poppies, my favorite flower, when screams broke out somewhere just along the other side of the wall.

And then…the beasts were on us.

I screamed, as loudly as I could. And put myself in front of the two younger girls.

They were human.

They could die a lot easier than I could.

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