What is going on? (Journal Entry #109)

I told Equan Black everything that I could remember about what had occured with Olietus Black. He was infuriated that such an assault was kept secret from him.

I did not envy Theo when that male caught up with him. After he left, after another warning to stay out of this thing involving the world of the goddess, I lay in my bed for hours. 

I was far too churned up to sleep now.

When I had fallen asleep, I hadn’t exactly expected to wake with the most powerful Dardaptoan in existence looming over me.

I definitely hadn’t expected such a male to kiss me!

But that was the least of what was keeping me up. 

Something was going on within the Black House. And Theo hadn’t trusted the Equan with that knowledge enough to clue him in on what had happened with Olietus.


What was Theo involved in? 

Or was it Equan Black that I should be the most frightened of? 

He hadn’t exacty harmed me when he kissed me. 

He could have. He is a very strong, powerful, dangerous male. If he had truly wanted to, he could have harmed me in many ways.

But he hadn’t.

He had come to warn me instead, perhaps?

I had distracted him with the discussion of Olietus, I suspect. Angered him.

I did not know what the result of that would be. Most likely he would rip into Theo for not sharing information pertaining to his House, and that would be that.

Unless it angered Theo.

Then…I suppose I should be ready to deal with my dear cousin from that.

I told my new best friend and favorite accomplice—adventures with Coty were hilariously fun, I have discovered—about my midnight visitor as soon as I could.

Coty just stared at me. “So how did this guy get in? And…is he a good kisser? He looks like he would know exactly what to do with a woman.”

“I-I-I suppose. I have only kissed four other males a handful of times.” And five males total. Three of them in the last handful of months.

What was I turning in to? 

“Wow. You are so virginal. How not fun. You’re almost seventy, lady. Haven’t you wanted to…get down and a dirty with a vampire?”

My cheeks heated. “I-I-I would have, if one ever offered. But until recently, I spent most of my days in Theo’s office. Or with my family. I haven’t spent much time with males. Not since…”


“I was told that I do not have a mate, Coty. No male really…wants to be with a female like that.”

“But why?”

“Our culture is mate-based. And without a mate…I am most likely fated to die without ever…I just…males have never really been interested in me.”

“Well, apparently at least five have. Next guy to kiss you…do yourself a favor…have a little fun, ok? Life is too short not to. Well, if you’re a Boltier sister, anyway. Not all of us are going to live forever. Then again…maybe we will. Who knows?”

Coty had a rather fatalistic attitude that I did not always understand. 

We were discussing whether we were going to heed Equan Black’s warning, when heavy knocking came at the door.

I looked at Coty. She had a wary look on her face that told me she sensed whoever was on the other side of that door wasn’t necessarily friendly.

I pulled in a breath and stood. 

I opened the door.

To see Theo there, an angry look on his face. And a delivery package in his arms. 

Cormac Jareth stood at his side.

He looked at Coty. His female’s cousin. “Scram, kid.”

“Hell, no.” Coty stepped up to my side. “It’s Jume’s suite. I’m not going anywhere.”

“It matters not if she’s here. She doesn’t have the information we need,” Theo said. He sat the package down angrily. “This was on your door frame, with a note to you attached.”

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