What Next? (Journal Entry #105)

My newest quest kept me busy for the next several days. That, and Alaun had started a new book about humans being captured by Dardaptoans and becoming mated. Gee, wonder where she got her inspiration for that!

Coty and her sisters—the ones who remained in this world, anyway—had told me all about what was going on in the dining room.

Come to find out, it was the same evil Jareth who had caused me so much trouble.

Well, she was fired, and actually arrested! For theft from the Sebastos House, apparently. She’ll spend six months in jail.

I can’t say that I mind. She was a real prune of a female.

Her Rajni isn’t very happy, right now.

He made actual threats against Coty and her family. Said they would get what they were due before too long.

It scared them all.

Coty especially. She was standing close enough to the male that she could sense that he meant it. 

This place…it isn’t safe for them. We both know that.

She knocked on my suite five minutes ago. 

Now she sat staring at me. “What do we do next?”

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