Meeting Nalik Black… (Journal Entry #98)

Pizza first. Coty and I decided to be brave and hit the main pizza parlor for guests on the first level. Neither of us were dressed in Dardaptoan wear, though we both wore hashas. Coty despised the hashas. Said the labeling of her sisters as part of the Jareth family–Cormac had been the one to discover her sister Blaire, and assume control of them–was ridiculous.

She wanted a dark gray hasha that she could put a skull and cross bones on. 

Since Boltiers were supposed to be poison to the Dardaptoans, after all. Coty has a bit of a morbid sense of humor, I have discovered. 

There were warriors from the Black House in there. They were darker, scarier, bigger, far more dangerous even than the Adrastos. I shivered when my gaze landed on the Equan. He was a scary looking beast, with the scar on his face from his time…in Coty’s grandfather’s evil lab.

Not many Dardaptoans knew that, though. They didn’t know who or what had happened to Nalik Black. I made sure to keep myself between him and Coty. Just in case.

He was very, very, very angry right now.

My former position with Theo had exposed to a lot of details about our world I sometimes I wish I could forget.

He stopped by our table. Looked at Coty, a mocking expression on his face. He was probably the most beautiful male I have ever seen. Even the scar across his face could not disguise that. “Feeling bold, aren’t you, little Boltier?”

Coty was around five-one. She was quite small. As she smirked up at the male next to our table fearlessly, I wondered just how she did it. How she hid the fear.

Then again, she had told me before that her father would beat her and her sisters at the first sign of any weakness. Especially fear.

“Why not? Got to die someday, right? Can I help you with something, pal? If not…they put onions on our veggie pizza. I love onions. You are welcome to join us. If you promise not to bite.” Coty looked him up and down, a suggestive expression on her face. “Although…I can say…I would almost let you bite me. If you wanted.”

She sent him a killer smile.

Jume was close enough to see his lips twitch. “You…you are going to be trouble for the world someday, female. Best keep that in mind. Both of you.”

Then he went on his way.

Ordering his warriors around like the arrogant Equan he was.

I shivered.

The male was terrifying. In every way imaginable.

“That…is one of the most gorgeous creatures I have seen in this place yet,” Coty whispered. “But wow. Is he danger on two legs.”

“Yes. He is.” Our pizza finally arrived. We focused on that for a moment.

“So…stage two in our plan…”

As I looked into her green eyes I knew the truth. 

My little friend was a born trouble maker. And I…am going along for the ride.

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