Someone’s Dishonest…Big Surprise… (Journal Entry #97)

Theo just looked at us. Theo had an exasperated expression on his handsome face. “Why is it that whenever anything happens, it always seems to be you, Jumena?”

“Believe me, I am asking m-m-myself the same question.”

“Tell me again what you heard.”

“Two males. One was much older. I sensed youth from one. He is of the Black House. They were discussing a plot and Evalanedea. I do not know what they meant, but…I know the old myths. And with the goddess now here…I c-c-considered it my duty to inform you of what we overheard.”

“But you did not see their faces or hear their names?”

“No. We already told you that. Did the right thing, and all,” Coty wasn’t exactly cowed by Theo, either. No surprise. My new friend could be quite fierce. “Whatever you people do with the information is totally up to you.”

She looked at me. “Ready for lunch? I’m starving. I have six dollars left in the bank account this wonderful place has provided for me this month. Have to go cheap.”

Theo frowned at her. “That’s it? There are two weeks left.”

“What? You think the vampires care about us and–our ability to provide for ourselves? Not likely. Drew gets paid a little, Faith gets paid a little. Blaire, who knows what’s happening in the demon world with Blaire. The rest of us…we’re reduced to digging for pennies in the lobby couch. Had to split a granola bar between the twins this morning–thought they were going to resort to eating Grayce they were so hungry.”

“You were each issued an account for enough for three meals a day in the hotel employee dining room. With extra for incidentals.”

“Please…that just isn’t happening. Not at ten bucks a meal.”

“Ten? It should be a third that debited from your accounts.”

“Well, well. Looks like someone in your dining room is helping themselves. No surprise. I haven’t found many Dardaptoans that I respect. Jume and a handful of others. You know…her sisters. That’s about it.” She turned toward me. “Ready to roll?”

“In a heartbeat.” We’d told him what we’d heard. The rest was up to him and Aodhan. “A-A-Alaun paid me. Lunch is on me. We’ll celebrate her sales of hot werewolf novels this month over pizza?”

“Sounds good to me. I’ll pay next time. I’ll just go check the lost and found. Maybe some kid lost a tooth or something and I can put it under my pillow. Earn a few dollars that way. Or I’ll make a sign…will work for food and all that…”

We headed toward the door, ignoring the male behind us. 

“Coty, Jume–best keep this to yourselves. And Coty, I will find out what’s going on in the dining hall.”

“Sure you will.” Coty shot a look over her shoulder at him as she reached the door. “Why don’t you spend some time figuring out a plan for us to go home, instead? Find out who wants to kill us? So that we can leave this hell behind us forever? That would be a better use of your time, you know.”

Theo gave a sad smile at his female’s cousin. They had the same eyes, Theo’s Mickey and Coty. Similar features. Theo had to see that, feel the connection. “I am sorry, Coty. But…you and your sisters…you won’t be leaving this hotel to return to your lives as they once were. The…Fates…have far more in store for the seven of you than you can ever know.”

“Great. Just what I needed to hear.” She turned back to me. “Let’s get out of here. I want to go to the library. Starting to get a bit bored in my cell. You?”

“Same. I-i-if I didn’t have the internet I’d be bored out of my mind.”

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