Secrets… (Journal Entry #96)

 First, I should probably tell you that my mother warned us that the story wasn’t to be shared so freely. That many of our own Kind are so convinced that Evalanedea and the land of Edni were so mythical that to repeat these myths did more harm than good. That to speculate about the goddess just invited trouble one’s way.

Well, I think that is hogwash, as the humans would say.

I rushed Coty back upstairs–not that she dawdled!–and we almost ran to my suite. She sank into the tiny armchair in the seating area and stared at me. “Well?”

“Ok, f-f-first, not many Dardaptoans know of Evalanedea. Mostly the Woald. It’s been passed down in our family for generations.” I locked the door. Not that I thought the simple luan wood would ever keep out the monsters. But it made me feel better. “My mother told me to keep it a secret.”

“Well, I won’t say a word.”

One thing I knew for certain–I trusted this young female. A great deal. I nodded. 

“First, we…do not know where exactly our Goddess was created. At least not yet, anyway. I think some of the seers do, of course. Some, like Mickey’s male, can see in the past as well as the future. I’m sure some of them have this information. Theo’s sister did a beautiful mural–the one above the pool in the family pool–and it greatly resembles the goddess. I saw the goddess last week when she was walking around with the wolf god. But as for where she came from…no one truly knows. There has been speculation within the Woald that she came from Evalanedea. My great-great-I don’t know how many greats grandmother was said to be one of the first to come to this world. She passed down some history orally. But none of us have ever felt compelled to write it down. Yet.” Maybe I should? It would give me something to focus on eventually.

You know, stuck here in Hotel Dread-anos like I am…

“You think this goddess came from there?”

“I do. Yes. But it is shrouded in secrecy. My mother told me once that Evalanadean females used to have these curls, too. I was a little girl and being teased. But the goddess does not. Mama was always…pensive…when she spoke of Evalanedea. My mother was a Sebastos. She had a strong gift of sight.”

“So this goddess reappears, and these two guys are messing around the hotel. Talking about a two hundred year old plan? Strange coincidence, that.”

We just looked at each other. Neither of us were stupid. 

“Someone is plotting to do something to the goddess, aren’t they?” I asked. I needed to talk to Theo. If my cousin would even listen to me at all. He had been rather dismissive the last time our paths had crossed. I didn’t exactly want to see my cousin anytime soon, either.

But… “We should go to Theo. D-d-do you think Drew can get us in?”

“No time like the present to find out…”

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