The Resolution (Journal Entry #92).

Jierra has delivered. And thank the Goddess—if you believe!—she has come through the delivery safely. They still must watch for infection, but the demon healers were able to help her in ways that are miraculous.

They have banned her male from the hotel.

Rand Taniss.

He is not happy with that, of course. And I do not know the entire story.

But there is one.

I am sure of it.

But I have worries of my own.

My Julea.

She…someone is harassing her. I do not know why, but she was followed home from the grocery store where she works two nights ago. She was terrified.

Barely made it home, to Kellis.

And Navix, who waited on the porch, trying to convince my sister to kiss him.

Julea practically collapsed in Kellis’s arms, shaking in terror.

Navix took off after the stalker, but he was unable to catch him.

Why would someone target little Julea? All she does is work at the store as a clerk, and help Ambrea with mending when it is available.

I can’t help but fear that it is someone mistaking her for me. Except for these ridiculous curls on my head, we do resemble each other so greatly.

I will never sit back while my sisters are threatened because of me.


I have not given up my quest.

I will find out why the demons have targeted me. Even if I have to go over Theo’s head and find little Pin myself.

She is cousin to the king, after all. She told me that herself.

I…as soon as I am ready.

I am going to take that next step.

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