My Sister the Hunted. (Journal Entry #91)

Derrol Jareth has relocated to Texas. He is going to stay down there, apparently. I can’t say I’m too sad about that. It is other Jareths who are causing the most problems.

Navix is proving a relentless suitor.

He showed up at our home while Kellis was working, and just…started repairing our porch. When Riv and Ambrea asked him exactly why he was doing so, he said it was as a gift. So that Kellis didn’t have to worry about her sisters’ safety.

When that didn’t get him what he wanted, he showed up with a hand built doll house just for Alleah.

It is absolutely exquisite. They showed me photos. My youngest sister is completely thrilled.

Kellis has taken to hiding from Navix in the actual hotel. My suite, exactly.

Since Navix and his brothers have been banned from my wing.

He is rather relentless. All because he wants to sleep with my sister.

I suspect she might eventually give in to him.

If just for a few months.

It is causing problems with Kierce, though. Kellis confessed that ten years ago she had her one and only affair with him. Told him her secret about not having a male of her own.

Now, he feels very protective of her. Even though those feelings between them are long gone.

She said it has both made it more difficult for her on the job, and has eased her way in others.

No one truly messes with her; not with Kierce backing her.

Of course, Navix totally ignores Kierce.

I think he is enjoying the hunt, most of all.

Me, I am still trying to figure out what I am supposed to do now.

I am still studying all that I can about demons. I…

Knowledge equals power.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t equal answers.

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