Brush Off (Journal Entry #90)

They told me to go back to my quarters and stay there. That if I was unsatisfied with the suite I had been given—it was twenty-by-twenty, consisted of a tiny bedroom, a four-by-four sitting area, a small bath, and the minifridge Kellis had brought me from somewhere, that took up half the small dinette. Ambrea had provided a microwave. It sat on top of the minifridge. That was it.

They offered—bribed—me with a three-room suite in the Trianu or Jareth Houses.

Of course, I turned that down. I could not imagine me being there. Leaving the sixth floor and the routine I had built.

Did they think that I could be bought so easily? Just tuck me away in a room filled with pretty baubles, and pat me on the head?

I discussed it with Kellis when she came for dinner. She marched us both right into the cafeteria during that Jareth female’s last hour on shift, and demanded to speak to the manager.

She had a copy of Theo’s edict printed out on official letterhead, stating that I had free access to any meals provided for hotel employees. At all times.

The manager apologized profusely.

I sensed Kellis greatly frightened him.

She had that gift, apparently.

I was ready to say something to my way overprotective older sister, when I looked up. And saw them.

Two Jareth males—looking right at me. And my sister. “Kellis, J-Jareths.”

Kellis looked up, saw Navix and practically yelped. “Hurry, to our table, before they come this way.”

“What is go…go…going on with you?”

“He…Hells, Jume. He offered to have an affair with me!” Kellis whispered fiercely. “Like I would be lucky to be with him.”

I hurried her to the far table, where we could have some privacy. “W-what did you say?”

Kellis got an odd look in her eyes. One I had never seen there before. “I told him that I needed time to think about it. After…what happened to you.”

“Fair enough. Do you like this male enough to…do that with him?”

“I don’t know. He is not my male. Not like I have one of those. But…”

I covered my sister’s hand with my own. “You are lonely, sometimes? For something more than a house full of sisters can provide?”

Kellis’s eyes met mine. I didn’t need to read my sister. I kept my shields up around them at all times, to protect their privacy, but I knew. “Exactly. And I don’t know what to do now.”

I looked toward where the Jareth males were getting their own dinners. They…were watching us.

With odd expressions on their fiercely handsome faces. “I…what could any female do with males like that?”

“Goddess help me, I do not have a clue.”

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