Demon Dardaptoan Mates? Nope. Not likely. (Journal Entry #85)

 The roof is fixed. The bills are paid. Everyone is safe. For now.

Jayi is with her male and has been for days. He carried her off and we have not seen her since.

She is well and happy, though. Pin said it so.

Pin was injured in yet another demon attack.

Apparently, Pin’s mother is a demon princess from another realm. There are six demon realms, Relaklonos is the most populated, and the Three Hells that everyone always talks about—but know very little about. Of the eighteen realms, half of them are demon realms.

There are a lot of demon Kinds out there. (What we would call mammals in Gaia, some of these realms call demon, so I am not quite certain of what distinguishes what…)

There was one—a demon—hiding in the tree that damaged my house. My room and Riv’s, mostly. I am certain it attacked that day because it wanted to kill Kellis.

I could almost feel its intent. It was after Kellis, I am sure of it.

It was somewhat incorporeal, and very hard to see. But there was a demon guard with us when he attacked. Thankfully.

Even the Jareth warriors were surprised at the ferocity of our attacker, but Pin’s guard—one of her cousins and King Rathan’s younger brother, Iriok—battled it back.

He was injured in the fight. Phelius was there to heal Iriok, thankfully.

Most surprising of all, Selton carried little Pin away, back to his own suite.

The demon attacker had gone right through Pin trying to get to Kellis, and that had left Pin almost frostbitten and near death—but Selton had cared for her. Carried her to the Healer’s Hall and held her. Wrapped himself all around little Pin, like he had the right!

Until she warmed right back up. 

Then… Pin admitted she’d known he was destined to be her male the moment he had first spoken to her in mydriveway!

Apparently, little Pin has a bit of the prognosticating gift from her great-great-grandfather, the first king of Relaklonosian demons. She had just been waiting to decide if she wanted Selton as her male yet or not.

Well, apparently, demon mating is a wee bit different from Dardaptoan mating, lol. Demon females get a choice, most times. Of course, most times they don’t know who their mate is through visions—but Pin had.


But all is well with her now. She has to return to the demon world to complete her training as a healer. Selton is preparing to return with her—to the actual demon world! I don’t see him traveling too far from her side. While he is there, he will be assigned to guard Kindara. 

That’s convenient. Of course, most things are convenient for those who can afford to pay for them.

Poor thing; but I suppose as his cousin, Kindara might actually like that particular beast of a Jareth!

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