It got real complicated next. (Journal Entry #72)

Her name is Meyka, she is the same age as I am, and we have known each other since we were young girls. Were even playmates at times. Her mother is a second cousin of Theo’s. And she is just…gone.

Her four brothers are nearly sick with worry, so I’ve heard. 

I ran into Selton, the youngest brother, in the lobby the day after Meyka was abducted. He glared right at me, as if I knew exactly what had happened to his sister. 

I don’t. 

And I told him that. I don’t think he believed me. 

I prayed to the Goddess, though I doubt she heard my prayers, for Meyka’s safety. Meyka is a professor of psychology at Dardanos U. Back when I was still taking classes on campus we grabbed coffee in the quad a few times. 

Rumors are saying she was taken right off the highway on her way home.

I have done nothing wrong. 

I don’t care what anyone here in Hotel Dread-anos has to say. 

Needless to say, I hid myself away in the private library for most of the morning. The new guard—who I strongly suspect is the one who first told Cormac and Aodhan about my so-called date with Ryrk—just followed along behind me, a suspicious look in his eyes.

Maybe it’s male Jareths, in general, I do not like. 

Them, or Adrastos.

Although…Mak is an Adrastos. 

I miss him. I’ll admit it. 

Of course, maybe it was just me building wishes in my head where he was concerned. I mean, it was a high-drama situation. Maybe my feelings for him weren’t all that real, after all. It’s been weeks; I don’t know what I believe about anything any longer.

I have now kissed a total of four males in my life (wow, I so get around! Insert sarcasm here!). There was a neighbor when I was sixteen and too young to know what I was doing. There was Barlaam under the mistletoe, Mak, and now Ryrk.

None of them are the male I am destined to be with, of course—since that male doesn’t exist, remember?—but I have enjoyed every kiss I have received.

But why must all this drama accompany the males I kiss?

I’m longing for my little room on the farm right now. In that room, everything made perfect sense.

Here, not so much. 

I checked out another book—this one on the five most-common demon languages—and returned the one about demon battles. I made notes from it yesterday, for Alaun, but it wasn’t a super-interesting read. 

Demons were battle-hungry creatures. And each battle was listed, along with strategic movements and casualties. 

I did find the sections on the Beskre, Phrymos, and Paleos demon battles mildly interesting, though.

Probably because Kellis is seriously intrigued by that ballad we found.

So is Alaun. She wanted me to find more research.

And Goddess help me, she wanted me to talk to the first demon guard I could. Ask him if he would mind being interviewed by my sister!

Dear Demon prince or king, or whatever you are, would you mind answering questions for me about your…romantic habits? You’re an Incubi? Even better? It’s for research! No! I don’t need first-hand experience…well, if you insist…

Maybe my next dinner date will be a demon?

I was walking down the hall from the library to the main lobby when four tall males in Jareth green suddenly surrounded me. 

I looked for my guard—who liked to walk fifteen feet behind me for some reason—but he was standing with his back to me.

He didn’t care at all that Selton and his brothers had cornered me. Not at all.

Some guard. 

Fear had my mouth going dry and my hands tightening on the books in my arms. I looked at Selton, the only one I knew at all. “H-have you found Meyka yet?”

Another, taller warrior wrapped his hand around my elbow and pulled me closer. One of his brothers took the books from my arms and the bag from off my shoulder. 

Selton pulled me nearer. I tried to hide the fear. 

I met Selton’s gaze straight on.

Fake it until you make it, Kellis always said. 

“No. And you’re going to tell us everything you know about that bastard Lupoiux.” The tallest, most frightening of the brothers said. “You’re the only one he’s been friendly with here at all. We have been told you helped him plot to steal our sister. Now you’re going to pay for it.”

I just looked at them. Terrified. 

Why didn’t they understand? I had no idea what had happened to their sister.

I certainly wasn’t involved in any plot. 

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