I kissed a werewolf…and I liked it. (Journal Entry #70).

I called Alaun. She was the only one of us that would be up that late. There is no way that I am ever going to sleep now. 

I doubt any of us have ever started a conversation with the words I used tonight. 

“I kissed a werewolf. And I liked it.”

Alaun thought I was joking at first. Well, we all know that I wasn’t. 

Alaun was full of questions. Research questions starting out. How tall was he? What color were his eyes? Did he smell different than a Dardaptoan male? Those kinds of things. 

Then she got serious—and started asking how I thought about what had happened. And what was I doing close enough to a Lupoiux to be kissing him, anyway. 

She said she’d wanted me to get out and live a little, but she never would have expected this.

“He saw something about my future, and it terrified him,” I finally said, after we were winding down the conversation. “I don’t know what I think about that. He said…he said the worlds were going to change. And we would all just be along for the ride. I’m not certain what he meant.”

My sister asked if I wanted her to come stay with me for a few days. 

I considered it, but I didn’t want Alaun anywhere near this hotel and the demons that seem to be everywhere. 

Kellis, at least, can protect herself. Mostly. Alaun would be like a babe tossed into a ten-foot swimming pool. She’d try, but…

Alaun isn’t exactly the brave the demons type. She’ll write about them—but actually getting close to one, well, that is never going to happen…

Not that I am, either, for that matter.

I had finally ended the call with my sister around three a.m. and settled into my bed. I seriously doubted that I am going to sleep easy for a long, long while. 

What had Ryrk seen, and what had terrified him about me?

I’m not exactly the type of female that great destinies await. 

I know that deep in my very soul. I am a quiet female, content with my family, books, throwing pots, and planting a garden. 

That is really all I want from my life.

I want a quiet, restful life, with my sisters and hopefully the babes they will all one day have for me to spoil and love. 

Dear Goddess above, is that too much to ask?

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