Life is nothing like fiction. (Journal Entry #64)

That werewolf is still here. I was carrying books back from the library, and Tol got caught up in a crowd behind me. I’m not even sure how the humans got to the floor with the private library. They shouldn’t have been in there at all. 

Kierce’s mind-clearers were probably busy for hours. 

Anyway, I had just rounded the corner that led into the main lobby, where I’d have to cross to get to the private family wings, when I once again came up right in front of that same werewolf. 

His hands went around my waist. Instantly—and without invitation. Unlike our Dardaptoan males, apparently, Lupoiux touched females freely. “Steady there, little kitten. The big bad wolf might be around somewhere, just waiting to gobble a golden Dardaptoan like you right up.”

“I…” I finally looked into his face. And stared. I couldn’t help it. He was beautiful. Strong and muscled, though not as tall as the average Dardaptoan warrior. 

And there was a look of real hunger in his blue eyes when he stared down at me. 

I shivered and stepped back. I didn’t want to be a snack for a werewolf, either. 

Since coming to stay at the hotel I have been exposed to Dardaptoan warriors, Druids (there are a few wandering around the place), and more demons than I care to remember. 

And Lupoiux. 

I am definitely earning my pay as Alaun’s researcher—her field researcher at that.

His hands were still on me. “I…I…excuse me.”

I tried to step around him. He wouldn’t let go of my arms, and I had the books in my hands. 

I was pretty well stuck. I tried not to be a real wimp. What could he really do to me right here? 

I mean, there were security guards and humans right there behind us. “P-please let me go.”

“Maybe I don’t want to. You intrigue me, little female. I think it is the curls. I have always loved curls on my females. And you…are the first I have seen with them here.”

He had an accent. Ancient European, I think. I’m not good at those kinds of things. “Wh-who are you?”

“I am Ryrk, alpha of the Misham Pack. I’m here to speak with Rand Taniss about…shared interests.” He finally let go of me, then deliberately stepped back as Tol got closer. Ryrk gave a mocking bow. “Lupoiux females of my area are very rarely blond. I am sorry if I frightened you.”

I just nodded like an idiot. 

I am not stupid. He was a very dangerous male—no matter what Kind he was. 

He didn’t care one bit that I was frightened of him. I rather think he liked the idea. 

No doubt, this werewolf has killed many of our Kind.

How do the dhar and his board of advisors honestly expect the rest of the tribe to forget that?

Tol was there, anger in his golden eyes. He put his big, strong body between me and the wolf. 

We both watched as that werewolf strolled away—almost as if he owned this place.

I just shivered.

Tol broke custom and put his hand on my back and pulled me closer. Much like Mak had done time and time again. “Are you ok, Jume?”

I just nodded. 

I’m beginning to think Alaun is insane. Demons and Lupoiux did not good romance novel heroes make!

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