The more I learn… (Journal Entry #63)

They caught the tapper! Well, Tol and another of the guards did. Tol had taken me to dinner in the midrange dining room, where some of the more well-to-do staff members and royal families liked to eat on occasion.

The dhar and dahn were in there. I watched them for a few moments. 

Just to see. She looked happy, thankfully. And very much like Blaire. 

Tol took me to dinner, and we were seated no more than fifteen feet from Maryin Sebastos. She just shot me the evilest of looks. 

Probably because I was there with a handsome warrior and she was just there with her parents and her younger sister. Again.

Maryin hasn’t found her Rajni yet. And her father has a reputation for being very, very controlling.

I hope she doesn’t find her male anytime soon; I wouldn’t wish Maryin on my worst enemy.

Well…maybe Olietus Black. 

They would deserve each other.

Anyway, there is a female staying in the room next to mine. She saw the tapper last night after I had gone to bed. Apparently, she has the ability to see incorporeal creatures.

She reported the tapper to security, and they set a trap for the creature. 

The tapper didn’t have a real form. That made it a bit difficult for security to trap, but they finally did.

It was a type of demon from a realm I have never heard the name of. Galbrohn, I think. I’m going to look up that place in the restricted portion of the library tomorrow.

If I can get in there without the clerk seeing. 

Riv works at the public library; she could probably find me some things. If I ask her to.

But to be honest—I don’t want my sisters to know just how deeply I’m researching demons right now.

They would just worry. Say I am inviting trouble. 

Especially now that I am in a hotel that seems to have a demon prince—usually a brother of the High Demon King, who is mated to Kindara—on every floor.

I swear, the more I learn, the less I know. About anything.

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