I am the teacher now! (Journal Entry #49)

Every day after work and before I watch my class videos now, I spend at least two or three hours with Coty and her sisters. Aida now works with Joselyn and Aida’s former supervisor Anna McGregor. She is in Dardanos now. Something happened to her, but no one is talking about what it actually was. 

From what I have seen, she spends most of her time with Joselyn’s father, Joselyn, and Aida. Aida’s been sworn to secrecy on whatever project it is. Faith, too. 

Aida is no longer in the suite with us each day, now, either. It’s down to Blaire, Coty, Einsley, and Grayce. 

They are all so full of questions. Some that I have to research of the evenings before I can answer. 

None of them feel they are fully human, and after having been close to them for a while now, I can agree. They don’t feel entirely human. Not at all. 

I told them that. 

They just looked at me like I knew a dark secret. Then they told me about them. About how half of them just felt things, too. Coty knew when danger was coming. Blaire could feel how people felt. Just like me. 

I told her that; she was the first person of any Kind that I told that. 

I haven’t even told my sisters. Though I suspect Kellis knows. I think Kellis probably has the same gift, and it terrifies her.

Kellis is a ball of anxiety ninety percent of the time after all. 

For the first time since the first demon attack, and since Mak left, I am starting to feel happy again. (Even though I am probably defying like fifteen different rulings of Theo, Aodhan, and Dahr Rydere by being with them!)

I know we have been spotted together in the hotel. Especially Coty and I. Grayce and Einsley tend to stay in their suite and basically not come out. Too frightened. 

That’s another one of my goals. I don’t want them to be afraid to leave the safety of their suite. 

Coty has told me quite a bit about them all. About how their father treated them. Abused them. It’s no wonder they all seven greet life with a big dose of fear. The one male in all of the worlds who should have protected them didn’t. In fact, he targeted them. 

I just can’t understand that. 

Each day I spend with them, my determination just deepens.

They need an advocate in this world, and if those who should be taking care of them won’t step up to do it, then I will. 

Someone has to.

“So what about you?” Coty asked me as we shared a vegan human pizza in the small pizzeria. It was a lot more affordable in the human restaurants than it was in the Dardaptoan. Coty had nagged me to try it. I told her that I couldn’t do anything that came from actual animal meat. 

The mere thought…abhorant. We settled on a pineapple and mushroom. I will admit it was very, very good human pizza. Not as good as Dardaptoan, but still…very nice.

As we were eating, and discussing how much we were enjoying even this small bit of freedom, something completely odd occurred to me.

Do they have pizza in the demon world? 

I hope I am never even close to finding out!

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