Apparently, Theo thinks I’m his responsibility…(Journal Entry #47)

I got started educating Coty and her sisters the next afternoon after finishing my work for Alaun. My sister knew I was up to something, but Alaun was not the type to question me about my actions, at all. Thank goodness. If she told me this was a bad idea, I’m not certain what I would actually do.

Probably exactly what I am doing now. 

I have had time to think. And to come to a resolution. Regardless of what threats exist against us out there, and for whatever reason, we have done nothing wrong, and nothing to deserve being forgotten about.

Maybe Theo and his cronies—and there really isn’t another word that describes them quite as well as cronies—were doing what they could to keep everyone safe. Maybe they were just overwhelmed and busy with their new females, but hiding us away on the top floor of the hotel probably isn’t the way to go about it. 

I have printed out—I requested a printer from Theo, and he was happy to oblige, though he wasn’t paying much attention to me when I made my way back down to the office. 

I found out where Coty’s sister Drew ended up yesterday. 

She’s now working in Theo’s office, doing what Mishja used to do. Mishja and I were replaced easily enough. Drew was in there when I went to speak with Theo about an update on my case—and to request what it was I needed.

I didn’t even think about filling him in on what I was planning. 

Drew thanked me for being kind to her sister the day before. I just nodded. I liked the female I met yesterday. She reminded me a great deal of Kellis. Willing to do anything to protect her sisters, but oh, so very afraid. 

Deep down.

I could feel that about her, just as I can about Kellis. 

Theo told me to order whatever I wanted, using supply forms from his office. Apparently, he was bankrolling my stay here in the hotel, as a close male relative. 

Yeah. I’ve worked for that male for fifty years, and he hasn’t visited me even once since I have been stuck here. But he apparently has some warped sense of responsibility for me. 

But let’s be honest—I can’t afford even the smallest suite here in the hotel, even at a week or monthly rate. Neither can my sisters. If someone wasn’t fronting the bill, I would no doubt be at home—endangering everyone I love.

No. I’ll pack my bag and hit the road alone before I ever let me be a danger to them. 

My printer and laptop were delivered two hours after I ordered them. I hadn’t even ordered a laptop, but there was a note in the box from Theo, saying it was a gift. 

Well, my pride was insulted, of course. But beggars can’t be choosers. The old laptop I have been working on is a Mac from a good fifteen years ago. It was extremely slow on everything. 

But this one…will help me do what I need to do for Coty and her sisters. 

They have at least one friend here in Dardanos now. 

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