Human Captives…Just as forgotten as I am… (Journal Entry #46)

Well, so I was feeling some bravado when I was speaking with Coty today. But now that I’m back in my suite, doubts are filling up. I mean, what if it had been ordered that the humans be kept in ignorance? Even though they were the Dahn’s cousins? 

I could go to jail easily for a decade for defying an order from the dhar or one of his top advisors. 

But then again…what was so different between a Dardaptoan jail cell in the basement and the suite I now occupy? 

Size. And decorations. The jail cells for females are in the basement of this very hotel. They are painted much like my suite, with off-white walls and gray accents. I wouldn’t be able to do my pottery or walk around the hotel. Or work. 

That is about it. I have seen the jails and the female prisoners many times before. They even have their own courtyard!

I, on the other hand, am not allowed out in the courtyards. Too easy for demons to come for me outside of the walls, apparently. 

I spent the rest of the evening making a list of everything I thought Coty might like to know. I wish she had permission to enter the libraries of the Houses, but she doesn’t. 

She can stay on the main public floors of the hotel, visit the courtyard, the private family pool—though she said that wasn’t about to happen anytime soon—and our particular hallway on the sixth floor. 

I’m allowed in the public floors, the libraries, Theo’s Hall of Justice, the pools, the cafeteria for employees in the basement, and our hallway. So not too much different. 

We made plans to meet the next afternoon, after I finished my tasks for Alaun.

I’m not going to let them be forgotten here. 

They are human. They won’t live as long as I will; it isn’t right that their lives be spent being held captive here. 

What kind of lives can they have here trapped on the sixth floor?

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