I’m getting out of here! (Journal Entry #38)

I had almost made it out of the Healers’ Hall when they stopped me. 

The dhar himself. I have met him, of course. I have worked in the justice hall for fifty years, after all. But we haven’t spoken that often. 

He wanted to thank me for agreeing to basically be the guinea pig. 

Well, what exactly was I supposed to do? Die?

I decided during the long hours I was stuck almost immobile in that hospital bed that I still have far too much to do with my life before I leave this world for the next one. 

There were other males with him. They were who really threw me off. 

Cormac Jareth had been in several times to—as Kellis put it—harass me with his questions. He is a harsh male, but I was starting to get used to him. 

Theo, of course. He seems to be taking a special interest in what has happened to me. I suspect that it is because he felt guilty for the way we’d argued after the ruling the day he’d found his female. 

He’d asked me if I wanted to keep my job, after all.

Well. No. I had a lot of time to soul search. And I came to the conclusion that I am good with. I am interchangeable in the justice hall. Just a secretary. (Not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just that I’ve been a secretary for fifty-three years. It’s time for something new!)

I almost lost my life; I’m not ready to lose the rest of it. No matter what I have to do—I’m going to do what I enjoy doing. Live my life to the fullest.

While watching out against demon assassins, that is.

Kind of hard to forget that!

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