I am Thadd’s Science Project. (Journal Entry #31)

Thadd spread a thin layer of the “toothpaste” on the first of the cuts. “It’ll sink in and act as a cleanser, I think. It’s made from a common plant in the demon world. They even eat it at times. How does it feel?”

“Weird. It’s like a toothpaste but thinner.”

“Humans have what they call ointment. We sell some in the gift shop downstairs. I studied some once. I’m not sure what this one does, exactly. It cleanses and fights bacteria. At least, that is what we are hoping. It worked well on Aureliana when she was injured in the demon land. But she wasn’t poisoned.”

“So you don’t know if it works on poisoned wounds or not?” It was tingling. Not exactly hurting, but it wasn’t exactly a pleasant feeling, either. 

“No. In theory, Phelius, the chief demon healer, has said that it works against ninety percent of the poisons of his world. He said his cousin Sinrik—a gifted seer, I have been told, though how he compares to Theo I can only guess—recommended that we keep this on hand from the first. He said a young female might have need of it. I am hoping he meant you.” He opened the vial and handed it to me. “You’ll need to drink it before I begin the stitching process.”

Now I did bite back a whimper. I’ve had stitches once before, when I cut open my foot on a piece of glass in my father’s field more than fifty years ago. It had been the most painful experience in my life, and I will never forget how my strong, stoic father had panicked at the sight of my blood that day. 

It wasn’t an experience I am eager to repeat. 

“How does it feel now? It might take a good fifteen minutes for the demon-spirin to work. Kindara has named it after a basic human painkiller and anti-inflammatory.”

I had a sneaky suspicion I was acting as Thadd’s latest science experiment, here. 

Still…if I die today, maybe I can do some good for my people before I go. Who knows? Maybe they’ll name it Jume-menophen instead of demon-spirin in my honor someday? Being the first Dardaptoan it didn’t work for had to mean something, right?

“Tingles. Burns a little but not as bad as his claws did. It’s almost a cold burn, if that makes sense?”

“It does. We’ll watch. See if the poison recedes. In the meantime, I’m going to do what I can to boost your body’s natural healing process.”

This at least was something I was familiar with. I held still. Thadd sent his healing gift into my body through the connection he had established with me through the hold he had on my wrist.

Then…everything went numb, and the lights around me blurred together. “Th-Thadd? What is…happen…ing…?”

“Shhh, cousin. It’s the painkiller working. I think…it’s actually knocking you out. Go to sleep, little Jume. That is probably best; I’ll handle the stitches while you are out. Then you won’t have to feel a thing.”

“Tell my sisters…if I don’t wake…up…again…just how much I…love…them. They m-mean the worlds to me forever.”

“I’ll do that. I promise. I’ll be right here when you wake.”

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