Time to claim normal… (Journal Entry #28)

I don’t remember much of what happened after that. He walked me into class—this one, actually, some of you might have seen him with me—and I took my seat near the back of the classroom. Near the door. 

We were the first ones there, except for the instructor. His hand rose to cup my cheek. “I’ll see you in history class. I have some calls to make while you’re in class now.”

I nodded. Our schedules weren’t a one hundred percent match. He usually used my digital media class time to read and work on his own independent-study project. 

He was determined to learn everything he possibly could about the demon worlds. Not world, but worlds. I asked Theo about that, about how many demon worlds there actually were. He is a very learned male, after all.

He looked at me and flat out refused to answer. “I’m not telling you that.”

Blunt. Rude. Not like Theo at all.

Well. I’m just going to have to ask someone else; Alaun might know. 

Mak was working on something he hadn’t exactly shared details about either. But I noticed him drawing maps one day while I was working, and we were “ignoring” each other. 

“I’ll be ok, you know.” 

“I know you will. We’ll figure this out. I have faith in the goddess that we’ll do just that.”

Well, I’m glad one of us does. 

Like I’ve said before…I’m pretty sure the House of Woald is one the goddess forsook a long, long time ago.

I blanked out for the rest of the class as I tried to process everything that happened today. Everything that has happened in the last month. Everything Mak had said.

It was a bit overwhelming, and I needed to breathe. I excused myself from class. I headed to the restroom, just to wash my face. 

I could see Mak across the lobby area, his books spread out in front of him—not like Demonology 101 was anywhere online for humans to find, after all!—intent on his work.

That is one thing I admire about him. He does everything with intensity. Arrogant and intense, but calm and kind, too. He is such a contradiction. 

I almost went over to him, told him what I was doing. Probably because over the last month he has been told my every move from morning until the night guard took over. But no.

It was time to claim normal again, right?

I hurried in the restroom; as much as I needed the break, I’m a rule follower. Since I’m paying to be in class right now, I should be in class right now.

I made my way back, feeling only slightly clearer headed than before I left. 

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