Why are male vampires so complicated? (Journal Entry #21)

Most likely, whoever wants me killed has targeted me because of something I saw or read at work. That’s the going theory right now. Kellis has made it her personal mission—no surprise—to find the one responsible.

I still can’t figure out what it is, but I’ve been trying.

Of course, everything is in chaos after what happened with the Taniss Four, as they are now being called.

Like they are fated creatures with magical powers who will change our entire way of existence, or something.

To me, they just look like young females who are terrified and hurting, held captive—and let’s be honest, that’s exactly what it is—by what to them are monsters in a world they do not, cannot, understand.

Theo should be ashamed of himself. There had to be another way for him to claim his mate. 

He was called into a meeting with the Jaxiskulus Equa shortly after introducing me to Mickey, his Taniss female. 

I stayed with her to keep her company. I couldn’t not. She reminds me a great deal of Julea. I know she’s plotting to escape him as soon as she can. I could feel it when I got close enough to her.

I wanted to whisper to her about the rear exit behind our offices that led to the parking garage. 

I didn’t. Interfering between Rajnis is a major crime, after all. I do not want a ten-year prison sentence!

Instead, I offered her something to drink and some of the cookies the bakery sends up to the offices every three days. She took a cookie and thanked me. She’s rather shy, but I could see the curiosity in her eyes. She’s as curious about me as I am her, this new little cousin of mine. 

I’m not exactly not shy, myself. 

Making small-talk is not something I will ever enjoy doing. What am I supposed to say to the granddaughter of the human who had probably killed my second-cousin thirty years ago? No one knew what had happened to him. 

He just disappeared into the Colorado countryside. All we know is that he was near Leo Taniss at the time. And Ambrea said she just felt it. She’s a reasonably gifted seer, my sister.


This poor young female is no doubt wondering where her sister is today. The other two females captured—no other word for it, Theo! no matter what you say to justify what you did, you old jerk!—were this one’s cousins. “H-have you seen the second courtyard yet?” 

The girl shook her head. “I don’t think so. I was out in the gardens yesterday, though.” 

A strange look went through her eyes. I knew what she was thinking. How did Theo think he was just going to keep her prisoner here in the resort? 

I could feel her pain and confusion. And her anger. She was very angry at her male right now.

Theo had no doubt underestimated his Mickey. “Th-then I’ll show you. It’s beautiful. Only those of the ruling families and a few servants are even allowed out there. It’s where the few statues of the goddess are kept.”

More skepticism went through the green eyes. “What is this goddess’s name?”

“Kennera. It means ‘bright sun’ and ‘bringer of life.’ There are a few other versions in our language.” I locked my office and put a note on the desk in large enough print for Theo to read, telling him where I was taking his female.

He had practically abandoned his Rajni to a stranger, after all. Did he just expect her to sit in the waiting room and wait for him all those hours until he was ready to deal with her again?

She wasn’t a bauble to be put on a shelf.

Mak was sitting in the hall outside my office, reading a textbook. He had taken up that position instead of inside my office yesterday after I’d told him what I thought about the need for petty vengeance against the innocent.

Apparently, he was either holding a grudge—or giving me my space. I haven’t figured out which yet.


Why do they have to be so complicated?

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