Taniss Four. (Journal Entry #19)

I know that this is a private blog—and it will remain that way. Thank goodness. I think I need this space to vent, to get what I am feeling out there. Even if no one ever reads it but me. 

The hotel/resort/ruling hall—why do I never know how to refer to this place I’ve spent my days for the last fifty years?—is in a total uproar. Everyone is talking about what happened.

What Theo, and the dhar, and Aodhan, and Cormac Jareth have done.

They were supposed to go kill four innocent humans last night because the humans were the grandchildren of that monster Leo Taniss.

I know most in the city don’t know. But Leo Taniss is an evil human doctor who has done massive experimentations on our Kind over the last forty years. Aodhan and Cormac have just figured out who was responsible in the last three weeks or so. 

That’s what the arguments yesterday were about. The council of elders wanted the entire Taniss family—even the children, some of whom are only a few years older than Alleah!—slaughtered. 

I don’t think that is right at all. And I stand by my words yesterday. 

I wouldn’t want Alleah to have to pay for my sins. How is that ever right?

Anyway, apparently, they found four young females when they hunted last night. 

Instead of killing them, they brought them back here and somehow made them Dardaptoan. Thank goodness; I worried and feared for the females I saw in those photographs. I am glad they still live! No matter how angry it makes the council. 

Yes. I’m not crazy. They converted these females from human to Dardaptoan last night. 

Even more, they are their mates! It is hard to believe that four Rajnis of the highest royalty were found in one night. It almost screams of the Fates.

Maybe that’s who are at work here? 

Dahr Rydere has a mate. Finally; some feared he never would.

So do Cormac and Aodhan.

And Theo. 

I know this is true; I saw them with my own two eyes. I was taking my lunch break in the private garden, speaking with my cousin, the head gardener, Uruses, when two redheaded females with bright-green eyes passed me on my way back to my office. 

I almost stopped and told them where the secret exit to the garden was, but as it was the dahr’s business, I wasn’t going to be stupid. 

I didn’t want to go to jail for ten years for interfering between the Equa Rajnis

Even though I really, really wanted to help them. One of them, I think she’s the elder sister, was trying to shield the other one, even as they searched the garden. Protecting her sister, like I would my own sisters if someone yanked us from our life.

There was blood on them. They were terrified. 

The elder sister was around thirty, I think. Not that much older than my Julea. Bloodied and afraid because of something their grandfather had done. The younger sister is Julea’s age. Babes, both of them. 

I’m so angry with Theo and the others right now I could kill them!

How are these young females supposed to just be happy to have found mates they never knew existed in the first place? To be mated to what to them have to be monsters?

Theo and the others have destroyed their worlds.

And I heard the council arguing. None of them are too happy with how things have happened either.

I can’t wait to get home to talk to my sisters about what has happened. See what they think.

If they even know at all. But I’m sure the rumors will get around like wildfire. Nothing ever stays a secret around here for long…

AUTHOR’S NOTE FROM CJ: Jume references events that take place in Dardanos books 1-4. If you’ve not read them, check them out now!

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