Today was wrong. So, so wrong. (Journal Entry #18)

Something big is happening. Theo was in meetings all day yesterday after several hours in the great justice hall. It’s located in the wing of the resort on the first basement level. I have a small office nearby. Theo’s much larger office and conference room are to my left.

I was kept busy, fetching drinks and making copies of things. Background checks. 

Of a dozen or more people. Humans.

I’m not supposed to say what it is that I saw. But the photographs are stuck in my head. It’s a family. They are all human. With bright green eyes. 

I think some of them have been doing bad things. Theo has been exceptionally solemn lately. No laughing or joking. Aodhan Adrastos—yes, the Adrastos in charge of all security for the entire town and county—had Mak helping me make copies. We were both sworn to secrecy.

The Equa Council met. There was a lot of arguing. A lot.

I had to go help take notes for Theo. I hate being in the justice hall. There is always so much palpable emotion in there. 

Emotions so strong I can practically feel them. Drown in them. 

Today was horrible!

The head healer, Kindara, is vehemently opposed to what is going to happen. And since it mostly involved the crimes that were done to her, I think the council should have listened to her more.

Some of them are just self-righteous, stuck-up jerks at times. They think they are better than everyone else because they are royalty. Many of the ones I’ve met through the years are just asses. No one I’d be all that proud to be associated with, honestly.

Not that anyone would have wanted my opinion. I’m a tenth of some of their ages, after all. 

Still, what has been planned makes me angry and sad. I hurt for the family involved. If someone were to come and do that to some of my family…

It isn’t right. It just isn’t.

I told Theo that. That I couldn’t bear to be associated with anything so horrific. It grew in me, the knowledge that what was about to happen was wrong. Until I couldn’t stand it. I had to make a choice.

Today, I gave my two-week notice.

He can find someone else to work in my place.

I’ve worked for him for almost fifty years now. This is the worst thing I have ever seen my cousin do. 

Even though it will shake things up in my family for a little bit, I will tell what I’ve seen, learned. They will agree with me.

Sometimes, you have to stand up on principle. Harming innocent humans who are less than thirty years old can never be right. Humans are so defenseless compared with warriors of our Kind. We all know that.

It is why the ancient laws exist—laws Theo once vowed to uphold. For fifty years, I’ve admired him for doing just that. But this? 

How can anyone think this is right?

I have some savings kept back. It’ll help until I can find something elsewhere. 

Or I’ll start throwing more pots. They are starting to sell well enough. I made three hundred dollars last month. Just off of four pots. If I have time to throw more pots, shouldn’t that mean more money?

To top it off, Mak and I argued. He was in favor of what Theo and the others were planning to do tonight.

I can’t understand it. The females in those photos were younger than Julea.

Young enough to be my granddaughters, if you want to get technical about this. 

I just…can’t.

How can this ever be right?

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