Vampire Lovers. (Journal Entry #17)

He’s kissed me four more times in two weeks. Soft, sweet, very kind. I think he’s being gentle with me. Slow.

It’s rather frustrating. I have never felt this attracted to a male before. I’m trying not to be obnoxious about it. I mean, I know he’s not my mate. And I am not his.

He has one out there. And at his age, it’s probably not unlikely that he is past the point of affairs and is waiting for his female.

That’s not unusual, right? 


It could be that Mak is trying to distract me from what is going on. They can’t find Olietus Black anywhere. The little turd has disappeared. Some think he took off to the Texas tribe. It’s a coastal village. Apparently, he has brothers there. 

I overheard Mak and Kellis talking about them. They are just as horrible as Olietus.

I hope a shark eats him. That would fix things, right?

Ok, so time to be serious. 

No one knows where he is or why someone wants him to kill me. No one knows how long I’m going to have my warrior babysitters, either. 

I am beyond thrilled at having Mak around. He’s started sitting next to me in class, too. Everyone seems to think we’re together. At least, temporarily anyway. 

I’m not sure how long affairs are supposed to last. Alaun says, from her research, they tend to last a month or two before the longing for one’s mate takes over and dulls the relationship with your lover. 

Kellis, that rat, just hummed when I asked her. 

It can be seriously hard to get an answer out of that sister of mine. When I asked Ambrea she just smiled and told me an affair lasted as long as both wanted it to. She had a dreamy, soft smile on her face. 

One full of memories. Good ones. 

I impulsively asked her how many affairs she’d had. She’s almost 124 now, after all. I know she’s had at least one. 

Three. She’s had three. Her first was when she was all of twenty-five. Her last was five years ago. I’m still trying to figure out who it was with. All she does is stay home and take care of our family, our gardens, and raise Alleah. I’m not sure when or how she would have met a handsome warrior. 

Unless it was the Lycurgus Equa’s brother. He was sniffing around the neighbor’s place around five years ago. Looking for some stolen jewelry, I believe. 

He did spend a lot of time with Ambrea back then. She was supposedly helping him.

That’s probably who it was. Matthuin Lycurgus’s younger brother. I can’t remember his name right now. Or whatever happened to him. 

He used to come by Theo’s office frequently. He hasn’t in at least four years or so. I hope nothing bad has happened to him.

I’m going to have to ask Kellis if she knows.

She always seems to know what’s going on around here.

It is rather irritating at times. Especially since she won’t ever spill her secrets. Completely irritating.

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