Kiss the stars. (Journal Entry #16)

Dinner…at the resort…was absolutely lovely. I…they have live music in the ballroom on Friday nights. I danced in a handsome male’s arms for hours. It was the first time I have ever done that.

I still feel like I am dancing, like I am just floating across the handmade, hand-painted tiles wrapped up in his arms.

But that’s not the best part. 

We had just finished spinning around the floor for the third time when I looked up. And Maryin was there! Staring at me with anger, like she used to when we were teenagers together. Like she was envious of me! 

No one ever envies me. Especially over a male. 

“I think someone must be jealous,” Mak murmured in my ear. “Let’s give her something to boil over.”

Then he twirled me across the floor again—so well that people moved out of our way and started clapping. 

It ranks up there in the top-ten best nights of my life! 

(Ok, maybe it’s in the top five.)

We finished dancing after that. And our dinner was ready. 

We spent two more hours talking. I didn’t make it back home until well after the night guard had arrived. (I felt horrible until I realized that the Adrastos warrior was just fine—and enjoying having Riv’s attention on him, too.) 

Mak walked me to my door. Then he stopped me.

Right there beneath the big old tree that was older than I am, his arms went around me. He said something about enjoying the evening.

And then he kissed me!

He’s only the third male to ever kiss me.

This was…it’s hard to put into words what I’m feeling right now.

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