Talking to the vampire police.(Journal Entry #11)

I was sleeping when the police force came to interview me about what happened. 

Kellis’s boss—and I suspect her lover a few years ago, but I’ve never asked her—wanted to talk to me. I was ok with that. I know Kierce, slightly. I’ve seen him in Theo’s office tons of times. And Kellis invited him for dinner a few times. I’m comfortable with him. 

I dressed quickly and tried to do something with my hair. The curls were always really irritating. My hair couldn’t be sleek and shiny and easy to deal with like most of my sisters’—only Kellis has the same hair affliction—and the tangles are always tiresome. 

But that doesn’t matter. I was just using them as a way to distract myself from what happened—what was about to happen now.

What mattered was talking to the police now.

I quickly pulled my hair into a low ponytail, made sure my face was clean, and stepped into our living room.

Kierce and one of his cousins dwarfed our home. Our home is full of six females and a little girl, and that is reflected in the decorations and the furniture. The scent.

We aren’t used to having two big males in our space. Ever.

I finally looked up at the two males—and nearly swallowed my tongue. If my throat wasn’t already so sore, I just might have.

I hadn’t looked too closely at the Adrastos cousin slightly behind Kierce when I entered. I should have. Then maybe I wouldn’t be standing here staring like an idiot.

The second male Adrastos warrior in my living room is the same male from my history of families class!

I was mortified. I was practically dressed in my pajamas! “H-hello.”

My stutter was back. It only gets worse when I get nervous. I hated this. Hated having to stop and think about what I wanted to say just so I didn’t mess up my words again. 

Sixty-something years, I’ve struggled with this. Only to have it come back time and time again. Always at the worst possible time, too. This…was a worst possible time, most definitely.

“Jume, how are you feeling?” Kierce asked in his big rumbly voice. He and Kellis seemed to be together a lot a few years ago. Not so much anymore, but Kellis is more relaxed with him than she is with other males.

Probably because they’ve had an affair. (Good thing this blog is still set to private, and only my digital media instructor will ever read it, or Kellis would kill me!)

The other male stepped closer. His name is Makulan, but in class they call him Mak. There is concern in his golden eyes. Concern for me.

“I’m ok.”

“We need to talk to you about something,” Kierce said. 

“You won’t pressure her or rush her, Kierce,” Kellis said firmly. “Jume, sit. I’ll get you some lemon tea. See if that helps the throat.”

I just nodded. I have never had my throat nearly crushed before. I wasn’t exactly certain what I was supposed to do or think this morning.

But having these two males in my living room was something I was just not prepared for. 

Especially Mak. Why did he have to see me at almost my lowest? 

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