Olietus Black. (Journal Entry # 5)

There is a male in my history of families class. He’s all of twenty-three, cocky, and a jerk. He stated—in front of everyone in class—that he’s open to having an affair with me. Of all the females in the class, he singled out me. 

And smirked at me.

Like I’d be privileged to sleep with him.

Um, no, thanks. I’m not against the idea of an affair someday. It’s not like I have a mate waiting for me, though I will never tell anyone that secret. I want to experience being held in someone’s arms someday. I would like that very much; I’ve just never been brave enough to find a male to have an affair with. 

In sixty-eight years. Pitiful, aren’t I? 

Still, Ambrea says not every female wants affairs. She assumes I have a mate out there; she said it was more than ok to wait for him to find me someday.

She also says it’s ok to be held in a male’s arms, too. 

Just not this male’s. My skin crawls even thinking about it.

He’s from the House of Black, and he seems lazy. He always wants someone else to tell him the answers. To do the work for him. He is of a wealthy family, and it is obvious he’s never worked for anything a day in his life.

I think I’m going to switch seats, move across the room from him. Something about him makes me seriously uneasy. 

All in all, I’m enjoying my classes. I’m taking three classes now. Digital Media for Dardaptoans, Intro to Family/House History, and Current Dardaptoan Literature. 

I thrilled Alaun when I showed her the section on popular literature. My sister’s name and photograph were featured in an actual classroom textbook. There is an entire section devoted to popular romance novels for Dardaptoans! She’s the largest name in the book, bolded and everything. She looked gorgeous in the photograph. I’m so proud of her; I know how hard she’s worked to get to this point.

She’s going to end up being the most famous Woald of us all! 

She let me read a snippet of her next romance. It’s about a demon warrior. (I really want to see a demon some day! Alaun and Ambrea have both seen one before, but not me. I’m going to have to ask them how/where that was sometime whenever I remember.) 

This character is a prince of the high demon realm or something. Alaun’s created a wonderful world with her demons. 

She based it on the actual world of demons, though she’s never been there. I think she wants to go. But she doesn’t ever say it. 

Alaun never says much at all, especially about her goals or dreams. 

She just works. Puts herself in front of her computer—she bought one with royalties five years ago after she’d published her third novel—and works. 

It was Alaun who taught me how to finally use a computer when I asked. Now, I use one at work, every day. I’m slowly getting Theo trained on how to use one, but he’s a bit reticent to changing technology.

He’s reticent on a lot of things lately. He told me last week—some things will be changing. And soon. He had a horribly sad look on his face. 

Anyway, I’m rambling. 

Funny. I never say much in real life. I’ve never tried to keep a journal or a diary before. Definitely not a blog. The idea of a written record of my life—for anyone to find—is terrifying. What if a Lupoiux wolf finds it or something?

There are some Kinds out there that feed on us, remember? That’s one reason I don’t ever leave the city.

Better to stick to safety, right? 

My parents took me to another Dardaptoan city when I was twelve. To visit a cousin of my mother’s there. It is in Wyoming, up near the northwest border. There were only around five thousand people in the town. It was a fun trip, but I was glad to get home.

Dardanos is familiar. I prefer the familiar. 

I guess I’m just a homebody at heart. I’m not the kind of female who likes adventure. Far from it. Give me a good book—like the ones my sister writes!—and I am all set. That’s all the adventure I can handle. 

I’m such a big wimp. 

But just to be on the safe side, I’m staying away from Olietus Black. He means trouble. Anyone can see that.

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