Oh my goddess! (Journal Entry #9)

I can’t stop shaking. 

Olietus Black, he…came after me. To hurt me.

I’m not sure why it happened or even how he figured out where to find me. I worked all day today. Theo had a lot on his mind, and he asked me to stay over. He said there was something he wanted to run by me. I didn’t think anything of it; it’s happened so many times before.

Things have been crazy around here, anyway. 

Kellis and Alaun were both upset yesterday. Unsettled.

Everyone was unsettled.

Alaun’s research/personal assistant they hired a year ago—when I went from fifteen hours a week at the resort to thirty-eight and couldn’t do it any longer—disappeared on her way down to meet with Alaun for the first time.

It took Kellis hours to find out what had happened to Landrey. Landrey’s just a kid, a year younger than Julea. A Nellana Druid who is all alone except for her younger foster sister. She and her sister are barely of age!

Far too young to be alone out there like that.

Kellis was beyond worried. She and Alaun were discussing finding Landrey and her sister and letting them stay with us for a while, if needed. Until she knew they were both safe.

Kellis found Landrey with her boss’s brother, Fox. Mated to him. Landrey’s sister was in trouble, too. She has been fated for Kierce’s cousin, Baul. Baul is a very scary ancient creature far older than the Lupoiux wolves. He is Lupoi, not Lupoiux–there is a difference, you know.

Lupoiux werewolves had been going after both of the young females.

I’m so glad they are safe. I’ve spoken with Landrey before, when she’d call with questions for Alaun. The idea that Lupoiux werewolves could have killed them both is terrifying.

Lupoiux are utter beasts. They attack our Kind all the time. Maybe you don’t know about that, though. Theo often discusses it with the rest of the dahr’s advisors. That might be privileged information. So we probably better not say too much about it.

That’s another reason why my sisters and I never leave the city. 

It just isn’t safe.

It isn’t safe around the city anymore, either. In it. 

Today just proves that…

AUTHOR’S NOTE FROM C.J.: Jume references two stories. Landrey/Fox and Baul/Jaeme. They can be read for free by clicking on their names here!

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