I’m still reeling…(Journal Entry # 10)

I’m sorry; I needed a moment to get myself back together. It’s time I told you what happened to me yesterday and why I didn’t make it to class, after all.

I worked late. It was dark when I clocked out and headed across the parking lot to my little car. 

That’s when he was there. Olietus.Out of nowhere. His hands were hot and hard when he grabbed me. 

I screamed. I fought and kicked, just like Ambrea and Kellis have taught me. I guess he wasn’t thinking that I would fight back. Not that it mattered all that much. 

He is a typical male of our Kind. Large and solid, muscled and mean. He was hurting me. No matter how I fought.

His hands went around my throat. Crushing.

I couldn’t breathe. 

He kept squeezing until I felt something crack. Inside my neck. If I had been human, he would have killed me, easily.

I knew that wouldn’t kill me—only massive blood loss, hypothermia, infection or losing one’s mate can kill a Dardaptoan female, after all—but he wanted to subdue me. To hurt me completely.

I kicked and fought—and it just wasn’t enough.

Then Theo and his brother Thadd were there. 

They fought him off. Theo nearly beat him unconscious, right there in the resort parking garage. Theo was furious, angrier than I have ever seen him. 

Thadd scooped me up close in his arms. My cousin carried me back into the building to the Healers’ Hall. 

Kindara, the chief healer, was there. She told me I’d be ok. That I’d had a real scare, but I would be fine in a few days. 

My throat is sore, every muscle in my body aches—but I’m alive. 

And he didn’t succeed in what he wanted. Whatever that was. But I can imagine. Damn him.

Thank the goddess, Theo and Thadd had come outside in that exact moment. 

I’m at home now. Ambrea and Alaun are fussing over me, making certain I rest and take care of myself. 

I just have to rest and let my body heal. Kindara healed what she could, but… 

I wish our Kind had some sort of painkillers, at least.

I still hurt. It makes sleeping difficult. 

I’m not telling my sisters that, though. I don’t want them to worry. It seems like they are always worrying about me. About me and Riv and Julea especially. 

We’re just not as tough as they are. 

I know I’m not. I don’t feel strong at all. Not anymore. 

I’m not certain that I ever did.

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